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SA-20 Wireless Vibration, Motion and Door/Win


  • Unique integrator calculation screens the region at all circumstances and looks for particular examples
  • Three sorts of sensors: vibration, development and attractive
  • Self alignment component
  • Three tradable affectability levels
  • 3V 1000mAH lithium battery controlled for up to three years battery life
  • Static and element battery sparing modes
  • Reduced and subtle exquisite plan
  • Totally wire free for simple establishment
  • Accessible in 433.92 MHz or 868.35 MHz


  • Periodical RF way testing
  • Ultra splendid LED sign for caution, alignment inconvenience, low battery status
  • Three tradable caution modes
  • Walk and radio test
  • Low battery level location


The heart of SA-20 is an earthenware piezoelectric component ball actuator movement, including propelled low clamor parts and microchip for unrivaled sound range, Power Save Mode (PSM) for low battery utilization, ultra brilliant LEDs, back and cover alter recognition, low battery alarm, and periodical supervision.

The SA-20 Wireless Vibration Detector utilizes an exceptional calculation to screen the zone at all circumstances, while anticipating false cautions and arbitrary occasions. By performing self-adjustment, the SA-20 ensures dependable and exact operation, while dismissing basic false caution sounds.

Created from rough fire safe ABS material, this finder is anything but difficult to introduce and select onto one of Rosslare’s remote security and computerization boards or all inclusive collectors.

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