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SA-01P Wireless Pet Immune PIR Detector


  • Control level discriminator: An uncommon focal point consolidated with a capable calculation disregards little to medium measured creatures while keeping up an abnormal state of human identification
  • Pet invulnerable PIR finder up to 25Kg
  • Max scope 14 m
  • Field of view 115°
  • Environment advanced temperature pay to diminish false alerts
  • Versatile channel adjusts for changes in an identified question’s speed
  • Inner adjustment taking after mounting tallness establishment
  • Inner plastic component fixing for bug and air turbulence resistance
  • Cover alter switch and back alter switch (selectable by wire) for expanded security
  • 3V 1300 mAh lithium battery goes on for more than three years at ordinary utilize. Low battery cautioning transmitted to board
  • Discretionary divider and roof mount section (AS-02)


  • Selectable vitality level affectability: High or low by jumper determination
  • Ceaseless observing: Sends visual alarms if there should be an occurrence of breakdown or temperature out-of-range cautions
  • Fluffy rationale calculations vitality location framework for enhanced identification and diminished false alerts
  • Self Supervise system
  • Simple walk and RF test modes: Visual sign and programmed cripple
  • Progressed miniaturized scale controller gadgets and calculations for prevalent development speed range investigation
  • Ultra impervious to transient stun, ESD, and RFI impedance


Those heart of the SA-01P may be a prominent pyro electric infrared vitality sensor, a pet lens for fluffy rationale actualizing an extraordinary algorithm on enhance mankind’s identification same time ignoring pets Furthermore different little animals,and a propelled nano-watt microcontroller.

Those SA-01P’s numerous characteristics incorporate a a with d indicator analyzer with temperature compensation, an essential analytics rf transmitter for low profile inner antenna, an headed stroll test, a rf transmission test, dynamic Also static control save Modes (PSM), selectable pulse counting, blanket What’s more divider alter detection, and programmed low battery identification.

The SA-01P utilization An generally accessible lithium 1300 mAh helter skelter energy battery and is perfect for Rosslare security results starting with the related arrangement (H-Series: 868. 35MHz, G-Series: 433. 92MHz).