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Lax Teknologi Indonesia has constantly provided leading edge technology in CCTV and building management systems. Our versatile, high quality CCTV systems cater not only to the industrial and commercial sectors but to the residential community as well. Applications are versatile and cover various levels of security, process control, machine vision and scientific uses. We are an official distributor of famous brands of CCTV Product such as Samsung, Centrix and Arecont. For security system, we are ready to distribute to you the security system tools from Trikdis, Turnstile, etc. We are also one of the authorized distributor of barier gate parking system. Call us for further information here.

variasi mekanisme access control baik secara fisik, teknik dan administrasi, bisa membangun arsitektur keamanan yang praktis untuk melindungi informasi penting yang menjadi aset organisasi.


Sistem alarm ini mampu memonitor & mendeteksi masuknya penyusup atau orang yang tidak diinginkan ke dalam Properti, rumah atau kantor. ini juga bisa memberi tahu pemilik properti atau Pihak ketiga yang berwenang melakukan intrusi.


CCTV centrix and recording equipment are part of a rapidly growing industry. We have products to cover everything from basic systems to high-end systems and lots


High quality cable all your need